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      • Nursing Educators: Stress the Importance of a BSN in Nursing, Your Students Will Thank You

        Published Apr 30 2017, 05:29 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • AACN
        • RN to BSN

        In order to successfully face the challenge of an increasing aging population and pending nursing shortage, nursing education programs need to increase the number of nurses they are graduating with BSN degrees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects...

      • Nursing Faculty Shortage: A Real Crisis?

        Published Nov 28 2016, 07:11 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • AACN
        • Nurse Shortage

        The new millennial generation is one of the largest sized in recent years.  More young people than ever are now considering careers in nursing.  So why is there seemingly an acute shortage of academic educators to mentor and teach these fledgling ‘nurses-to-be?’...