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      • Showing Sincere Care: Acknowledging the Elephant in the Room

        Published May 15 2020, 10:25 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Covid-19
        • Teaching Strategies
        • Online Learning

        As we move forward in this time of COVID-19 into a new academic year, we must engage in these unusual and sometimes difficult conversations. We must acknowledge that students, faculty, staff, and administration all sit with varying levels of resources and power.

      • Welcome to Homeschooling!

        Published May 01 2020, 02:46 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Covid-19
        • Wellness

        Many of you as very qualified nurse educators may now find yourself in uncharted territory as homeschool parents. I would like to offer these words of encouragement, tips and tricks.

      • Post COVID19 - Helping students prepare for secondary surge needs

        Published Apr 24 2020, 04:08 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Clinical Readiness
        • Covid-19
        • Bridge to Practice

        How can nursing students and faculty help out when a secondary surge takes place? They can provide additional staffing and “boots on the ground” when it is most needed. This being said, there are issues for nursing faculty and administration to consider.

      • What is One Health and Is It a Good Fit for Nursing?

        Published Apr 17 2020, 04:14 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Interprofessional Education (IPE)
        • Clinical Education
        • Covid-19
        • One Health

        The recent COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a One Health concern. While One Health is a relatively new concept, it is built on the holistic nursing approach, recognizing the interconnections between humans, animals, plants and the shared environment in relation to population health.

      • Preparing Students for Temporary Changes in the Process for Taking the National Council of State Boards of Nursing NCLEX-RN® Licensing Exam

        Published Apr 15 2020, 05:09 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Covid-19
        • NCLEX Prep
        • Licensure

        The current Covid-19 pandemic has required institutions and organizations to temporarily change policies and procedures to accommodate national guidelines for mitigating risk and maintaining health. Therefore, the NCSBN has made temporary changes in the licensing exam.

      • Lights, Camera, Action...Using Digital Video to Engage Students

        Published Apr 13 2020, 03:50 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Covid-19
        • Online Learning

        Understanding that online learning is more than just posting a PowerPoint presentation and a discussion question is of the utmost importance for educators to ensure students are staying engaged and motivated in the online classroom.

      • Déjà vu All Over Again

        Published Apr 07 2020, 05:03 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Florence Nightingale
        • Reflective Practice
        • Covid-19

        Reflections on the similarities and differences between the COVID-19 pandemic and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pandemic

      • COVID-19 Crisis: Faculty Support for Nursing Students

        Published Apr 03 2020, 12:20 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Stress
        • Educational Technology
        • Covid-19
        • Online Learning

        As we all continue to respond and adapt to the mitigation strategies to reduce the COVID-19 spread, faculty and nursing students find themselves in uncharted territory.