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      • Adult Learners: Challenges and Strategies

        Published Mar 16 2020, 08:51 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Adult Learning

        The challenges of adult learners can be multifaceted, and the teaching strategies required to retain and engage them may differ from the traditional student.

      • Create Engaging Classrooms Using Infographics

        Published Mar 06 2020, 03:36 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Teaching Strategies

        Using infographics as part of a course lecture, or integrated into an assignment, can help make information easier to understand and digest.

      • Creating a PowerPoint to Engage Students and Promote Learning

        Published Feb 28 2020, 01:41 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Teaching Strategies

        Since some nursing subjects include an overwhelming amount of material, it’s important to revamp PowerPoint presentations to engage students and promote learning.

      • Moving Beyond Monologue in the Classroom

        Published Oct 29 2019, 04:11 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Teaching Strategies

        Great educators move beyond the monologue and instead of teaching content, they collaborate with learners, helping them think about how to use the content.

      • Creating an Energizing Atmosphere for Class Discussion: Diminishing Awkward Silence and Blank Stares

        Published Jun 25 2019, 09:25 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Teaching Strategies

        You’ve spent lots of time creating quality discussion questions but are constantly met with silence and blank stares from students. What can be done about this common situation?

      • Utilizing Digital Storytelling as a Nursing Education Tool

        Published Apr 04 2019, 08:47 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Digital Learning

        Are you a nurse educator looking for innovative teaching and learning tools to use in your classroom to engage students? Digital storytelling can be used in the classroom as an academic tool to engage digital age students in constructivist learning.

      • Basics for New Nurse Educators: Theory and Clinical Application

        Published Oct 23 2017, 08:00 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Novice to Expert
        • Student Engagement
        • Nursing Education
        • Clinical Education
        • Teaching Strategies
        • Interactive Learning
        • Clinical Readiness

        Being a nurse educator requires a departure from having the primary responsibility for client care to a new responsibility of facilitating experiences in theory, clinical, or both, that will help students develop into competent entry-level nurses.

      • My Experiences with Nursing Students Using Lippincott PassPoint

        Published Oct 03 2017, 02:42 PM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Student Engagement
        • Lippincott® PassPoint
        • NCLEX Pass Rates
        • NCLEX Prep

        by Kaye Wilson-Anderson, RN, CNE

      • Everything you need to know about technology, students are now learning in grade school

        Published Mar 30 2017, 01:02 PM by Unknown
        • Educational Technology
        • Digital Learning
        • Student Engagement

        Technology touches every part of our lives, our communities, and our homes. Yet much of higher education lags behind when it comes to integrating technology into learning activities. Many colleges and universities are just beginning to explore its true...

      • Tips to Succeed in Nursing School: How to Convince Students to Be Engaged

        Published Jan 18 2017, 03:50 AM by LIPPINCOTT NURSING EDUCATION
        • Active Learning
        • Student Engagement

        *Note: This post is a second in a series. Click here to read the first post In this blog, I will explore the popular challenge shared by educators, which is: How do I challenge the student expectation that because they are present in class, that I can...