Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Education: The Nuts and Bolts of Integration

Kathleen Williamson, Midwestern State University

Fall 2016


In the last few decades, evidence-based practice (EBP) has emerged as a driving force transforming the ways in which practitioners, managers, and policy-makers approach healthcare. Interventions are now expected to derive from research that’s been meticulously vetted and assessed prior to their application in the care setting. This can be challenging for nurse educators involved in preparing students particularly undergraduates—for practice. How does EBP affect nursing decision-making? What does it take to insert EBP concepts into a course or curriculum?

Kathleen Williamson, Chair and Associate Professor at Midwestern State University’s Wilson School of Nursing, is one undergraduate nursing educator who has achieved great success in conveying the value of teaching an EBP-focused curriculum, as well as in threading EBP concepts effectively across a curriculum. A large part of that success can be attributed to making sure students are aware of how evidence-based processes work and are fully engaged in the class via (technology-driven) active learning strategies.

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