Adopt a Concept-Based Curriculum,
Transform Your Program

“Since we adopted a concept-based curriculum, our outcomes have definitely improved… Plus, hospitals are hiring our students immediately, and students are performing well in practice. We took the leap into a concept-based curriculum, and it absolutely paid off—in spades.”

– Catherine Freeman,

Director of Associate Degree Nursing Program, Western Piedmont Community College

So you want to create a more student-centered learning environment, boost students’ clinical judgment, and streamline the content being taught in your nursing education courses? Conceptual learning is the answer.

Our in-depth Guide to Nursing Concepts eBook highlights the benefits of utilizing concepts in nursing, and answers all the questions you may have about moving toward a concept-based curriculum. The eBook includes:

  • Assistance with how to implement and customize a concept-based curriculum
  • Tips for preparing your class for practice
  • Tools available for nursing educators
  • Available technology that helps nursing students maximize learning
  • Definitions of the nursing concepts to teach and related exemplars
  • Testimonials from nursing programs that have successfully made the transition to a concept-based curriculum
  • And more!

Discover what Lippincott can do for you.

“Wolters Kluwer gave us the tools to facilitate 21st-century learning and find the missing pieces of the broader conceptual puzzles. When we fully realized how these programs could literally transform our classroom and student learning, we were all in..”

– Michael Youngwood,

MSN, Nurse Educator, Haywood Community College