The Best Simulated EMR for Your Nursing Students: Lippincott DocuCare – EMR Training Made Easy

Lippincott DocuCare:
The top educational EMR simulation solution that prepares nursing students for the clinical demands of practice.

Our EMR Simulation Solution:

  • Teaches students must-have nursing skills in a safe, simulated EMR environment
  • Improves patient safety and decreases medication errors in practice
  • Increases time spent on direct patient care and decreases nursing documentation time when transitioning to practice
  • Provides evidence-based guidelines that can be incorporated into patient care
  • Is unmatched in the authenticity of our evidence-based patient records
  • Is a 100% customizable EMR
  • Incorporates competencies required for Quality and Safety in Nursing Education (QSEN) standards

Plus, Our Educational EMR Is...

Easy to Use

We know it can be tough to learn new tech – no matter how great it can be for your classroom. That’s why the educational EMR DocuCare was designed by nurse educators – it’s an intuitive, unified simulation experience and the most trusted EMR in nursing education. We have more than 200 assignable, true-to-life nursing patient scenarios for the whole curriculum, including evidence-based NLN patient records that are unmatched in their authenticity. DocuCare is also compatible with vSim for Nursing virtual nursing simulations and Laerdal Medical high-fidelity simulations.

Easy to Integrate

Guess what? You’re not on your own with this educational EMR! DocuCare comes with unparalleled service and support of our Lippincott Customer Success Managers and personalized training plans. Your success team includes training coaches, product trainers, and nursing education consultants to help you integrate DocuCare. Your personal training coach will be with you every step of the way, helping you customize DocuCare and tailor it to your exact instructional needs.

Easy to Remediate

In addition to providing an integrated channel for faculty to provide direct student feedback, Lippincott DocuCare incorporates Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures to provide nursing students with the same up-to-date, evidence-based drug, diagnosis, and clinical decision support tools that professional nurses use in practice to help them better apply what they learn.

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EMR Simulation: Our Nursing Schools Need More of It

EMR simulation opportunities in nursing school are key to preparing today’s nursing students for the demands they will face in the workplace. A simulated EMR experience allows instructors to manage and develop patient scenarios for nurses in a more realistic way, creating a more successful learning environment. There has been an increased use of manikin-based EMR simulation, but many nursing school graduates are still entering the workforce with minimal simulated EMR experience, leading healthcare facilities to deal with increased errors, training costs, and lengthier transition periods for making good new nurses great.

Lippincott DocuCare is the solution. The most trusted EMR in nursing education, Lippincott DocuCare enhances clinical learning by contextualizing realistic patient scenarios for nurses with hands-on documentation, all in an easy-to-use program.

Nursing Simulation Scenarios: Key to Effective Patient Care

Nurses not only need technical competencies to succeed on the job, but they also need the critical thinking skills to provide safe, effective care. They gain those skills by utilizing nursing simulation scenarios. Our educational EMR, Lippincott DocuCare, includes more than 200 assignable, true-to-life patient scenarios for nurses covering a wide range of diagnoses and demographics—from medical-surgical to mental health to maternal-pediatric and beyond—appropriate for all levels of nursing. For unmatched authenticity, numerous evidence-based patient records developed jointly with the National League for Nursing (NLN) provide a seamless clinical learning experience across vSim for Nursing and Laerdal Medical nursing simulation scenarios. Or, you can create your own patient scenarios.