Top 6 Ways to Use Class Data to Improve Student Outcomes

Easy to access reports and feedback tools available through digital solutions, such as Lippincott CoursePoint+, are transforming instructors’ abilities to assess learning progress and clinical preparedness. Below are just a few.

Mastery Level Reports

Reports in Lippincott CoursePoint+ display mastery levels by whole class and individual student, allowing instructors to adjust teaching to better address class topics the majority of the class is struggling with and to intervene in real time to help individual students who are confused.

Specific Misconceptions Reports

Easy to generate and use reports in Lippincott CoursePoint+ identify where individual students or whole classes share misconceptions about important topics, allowing faculty to alert students to potentially confusing or difficult topics and to focus class time as needed to ensure student mastery.

Compare against the Universe of Users

Instructors using Lippincott CoursePoint+ can pull up a report that shows the performance of their class as compared to a national student pool, providing an at-a-glance view of how well their students are doing—and where they need additional support.

Individual Student Roster

This quick, at-a-glance report shows essential information on every student—number of logins, quizzes taken, questions answered, last login, etc. All information is sortable and allows faculty to see relevant information quickly—and identify who is struggling either in terms of Mastery Level or of Usage (Not surprisingly, these often overlap). This helps faculty to determine their at-risk students and intervene with them early and often.

SmartSense Remediation

SmartSense links embedded in Lippincott CoursePoint+ connect data and student feedback to our up-to-date content, creating a built-in remediation plan that provides corrective information at the moment when a student does not understand a concept or technique, ensuring they master topics before they move on.

Personalized Feedback Logs

vSim® for Nursing, part of Lippincott CoursePoint+, includes a scenario Feedback Log that provides individualized feedback on each action taken or not taken by each student during the simulation, as well as a percentage score that represents a comparison of the student’s vSim performance to a gold standard performance—helping instructors improve student performance and gauge improvement.

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