Latest Developments in Nursing Education

Community and Public Health Nursing: Evidence for Practice, 3rd Edition

Rosanna F. DeMarco, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC, APHN-BC, FAAN and Judith Healey-Walsh, PhD, RN

Turn evidence-based data into confident clinical decisions.

Succinct, approachable and logically organized, Community and Public Health Nursing: Evidence for Practice, 3rd Edition, helps you develop the critical thinking skills and complex reasoning abilities you need to connect data with effective decisions in community and public health practice. This extensively revised, heavily illustrated edition emphasizes an evidence-based perspective and focuses on the individual in the context of the community setting and on the global community to equip you for challenges you’ll encounter throughout your nursing career.

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Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care, 8th Edition

Margaret M. Andrews, PhD, RN, FAAN; Joyceen S. Boyle, PhD, RN, FAAN; and John W. Collins, MSHE, BSN, BBA

Ensure Culturally Competent, Contextually Meaningful Care for Every Patient

Rooted in cultural assessment and trusted for its proven approach, Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care is your key to ensuring safe, ethical and effective care to diverse cultures and populations. This comprehensive text helps you master transcultural theories, models and research studies while honing the communication and collaboration skills essential to success in today’s changing clinical nursing environment.

Available October 2019

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Math for Nurses: A Pocket Guide to Dosage Calculation and Drug Preparation, 10th Edition

Mary Jo Boyer, RN, PhD

Quickly Access Everything You Need to Calculate Dosages Effectively and Ensure Accurate Drug Delivery

Current, compact and easy to use, Math for Nurses: A Pocket Guide to Dosage Calculation and Drug Preparation helps you perfect the basic math skills, measurement systems and drug calculations/preparations essential to successful nursing practice. Packed with real clinical examples and practice problems, this pocket-sized reference guides you step-by-step through the problem-solving and practical applications required in the nursing workplace.

Available October 2019

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Henke's Med-Math: Dosage Calculation, Preparation & Administration, 9th Edition

Susan Buchholz, RN, MSN, CNE

A Highly Visual, Hands-on Approach to Dosage Calculation and Drug Administration

With an engaging, step-by-step approach to solving problems, this bestselling text is your key to mastering dosage calculation and the principles of drug administration. This updated edition contains numerous clinical examples, dosage problems and proficiency tests in every chapter to help you build your knowledge and improve the skills you need for successful nursing practice.

Available October 2019

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Clinical Calculations Made Easy, 7th Edition

Gloria P. Craig, EdD, MSN, RN

Safely and Effectively Calculate Medication Dosages

Dosage calculation and drug administration are easier than ever with this easy-to-use skill-building guide. Clinical Calculations Made Easy equips you to confidently calculate accurate medication dosages with a review of basic math skills and measurement systems, as well as a systematic approach to drug calculations/preparations using the proven dimensional analysis method.

Available October 2019

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Lippincott® Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN®, 13th Edition

Diane M. Billings, EdD, RN, FAAN and Desiree Hensel, PhD, RN, PCNS-BC, CNE

LIPPINCOTT Q&A REVIEW FOR NCLEX-RN, 13th Edition, is designed to help pre-licensure nursing students prepare to take the licensing examination. The book has more than 6,000 questions reviewing the four major content areas of pre-licensure programs: obstetrics, pediatrics, medical-surgical and mental health nursing. The textbook also includes six comprehensive examinations to provide students a realistic example of the NCLEX-RN test, in which items are randomized by subject area and difficulty, and an additional new examination focused specifically on the challenging content area of pharmacology.

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Lippincott Pharmacology Review for NCLEX-RN, 1st Edition

Rebecca Hill, Emily Sheff

Master the Pharmacology Concepts You’ll Encounter on Your Licensure Exam!

Reinforce your understanding and ready yourself for success with this comprehensive review of critical pharmacology content covered on the NCLEX-RN®. Lippincott® Pharmacology Review for NCLEX-RN® summarizes core medication classes and their associated conditions in an easy-to-use format accompanied by ample practice questions to help you excel on your exams and make a confident transition to clinical practice.

Available October 2019

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NCLEX-RN® Review Made Incredibly Easy!®, 6th Edition

Candice Rome

NCLEX-RN REVIEW MADE INCREDIBLY EASY!, 6th Edition, is designed to help nursing students prepare to take the licensing examination. The book blends critical content review in an easy-to-follow and bulleted format, pharmacology tables that summarize core medication information, and thousands of questions covering all the Client Need categories of NCLEX® and the major content areas of pre-licensure programs. The product reviews core curriculum concerns and more than 3,000 questions that prompt active learning and higher-order thinking. Questions align with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) 2019 RN test plan and are written in the style used on the licensing examination. Other features include the use of all the types of alternate-format questions found on the licensing examination, detailed rationales for both correct and incorrect answers, and information about the NCLEX-RN. An accompanying code gives students access to an interactive online engine where they can practice the questions from the book as well as other questions not found in the print resource.

Available October 2019

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Lippincott® Textbook for Nursing Assistants: A Humanistic Approach to Caregiving, 5th Edition

Pamela J. Carter, RN, BSN, MEd, CNOR

Deliver compassionate, competent care in any healthcare setting.

Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style and rich with dynamic images and illustrations, this comprehensive text helps you master the technical, communication and critical thinking skills essential to your success as a nursing assistant. Up-to-date coverage reflects the latest clinical approaches, and a practical format guides you through the decision-making process behind safe, fulfilling patient outcomes.

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Porth's Essentials of Pathophysiology, 5th Edition

Tommie L. Norris, DNS, RN

Ready yourself for the realities of professional nursing practice with this proven approach to pathophysiology. Distilling need-to-know disease content in a clear, accessible format, Porth’s Essentials of Pathophysiology offers concise yet complete coverage of how the body works to help you establish the scientific foundation essential to success in your nursing career.

Available October 2019

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Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities, 5th Edition

Carol J. Huston, RN, MSN, MPA, DPA, FAAN

Prepare for the realities of today’s nursing practice.

Gain a professional edge in the nursing workplace with expert insight across a variety of contemporary and enduring issues you’ll encounter on the job. Comprehensively updated and reflecting the latest evidence-based perspectives, Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities, 5th Edition, prepares you to confidently manage timely workplace considerations, workforce issues, legal and ethical concerns, nursing education challenges, issues related to professional power, and furthering the nursing profession.

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Nursing in Today's World: Trends, Issues, and Management, 11th Edition

Amy J. Stegen, MSN, RN and Holli Sowerby, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE

Fully updated to cover today’s issues and trends, this classic text contains many real-life scenarios, giving students ample opportunities to understand and apply what they are learning. Chronological coverage moves from history (Unit I) to current events and issues (Unit II) to future nursing roles and responsibilities (Unit III). 

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Introductory Mental Health Nursing, 4th Edition

Donna M. Womble, MEd, BS, RN and Cynthia A. Kincheloe, MSN, BSN, ADN, RN

Written specifically for LPN/LVN students, Introductory Mental Health Nursing, 4th Edition, equips you for the challenges of modern mental health nursing with clear, direct, clinically relevant information reflecting the most up-to-date perspectives in the field. This acclaimed text establishes essential groundwork, then builds on fundamental concepts to instill a confident understanding of the delivery of mental health care, the nursing process and its relation to mental health, and the management of specific psychiatric disorders to prepare you for success from the classroom to your career.

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 8th Edition

Sheila L. Videbeck, PhD, RN

A Practical Focus on the Skills and Concepts Essential to Your Success

With an accessible, clear and student-friendly approach, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing clarifies challenging concepts and helps your students build a foundation for working successfully with clients experiencing mental health challenges regardless of care setting. The text explores the full spectrum of psychiatric nursing, helping you master specific nursing interventions, hone your therapeutic communication skills and learn to apply content effectively within the framework of the nursing process.

Available October 2019

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Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing, 2nd Edition

Mary Ann Boyd, PhD, DNS, RN, PMHCNS-BC; Rebecca Luebbert, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC

Ensure a Seamless Transition to Practice for the Beginning Psychiatric Nurse

Whether you’re teaching a dedicated psychiatric nursing course or integrating psychiatric nursing principles into an existing course, Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing helps you confidently equip students with the basic knowledge and skills for success in entry-level mental health nursing. This concise, engaging, evidence-based text delivers a unique focus on communication skills, mental health promotion and evidence-based, recovery-oriented nursing care of people with common mental health disorders. Its powerful real-world examples and explanations in easy-to-understand language prepare students for the challenges of clinical practice.

Available October 2019

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Pediatric Nursing: A Case-Based Approach, 1st Edition

Catherine Gannon Tagher, EdD, MSN, RN, APRN; Lisa Marie Knapp, RN, MSN, MEd, CCRN

Immerse Yourself in the Role of a Pediatric Nurse

Develop the clinical judgment and critical thinking skills needed to excel in pediatric nursing with this innovative, case-based text. Pediatric Nursing: A Case-Based Approach brings the realities of practice to life and helps you master essential information on growth and development, body systems, and pharmacologic therapy as you apply your understanding to fictional scenarios based on real clinical cases throughout the pediatric nursing experience. Accompanying units leverage these patient stories to enrich your understanding of key concepts and reinforce their clinical relevance, giving you unparalleled preparation for the challenges you’ll face in your nursing career.

Available October 2019

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Focus on Nursing Pharmacology, 8th Edition

Amy M. Karch, MS, RN

Master the Principles of Effective Drug Therapy

Current, concise, and optimized for today’s nursing practice, Focus on Nursing Pharmacology makes challenging concepts more approachable to establish a foundation for effective drug therapy throughout your nursing career. This updated 8th edition builds on your knowledge of physiology, chemistry and nursing fundamentals to help you conceptualize need-to-know information about each group of drugs, while engaging learning features cultivate your clinical application, critical thinking and patient education capabilities.

Available October 2019

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