Nursing Concepts for Thomas Nelson Community College

Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts: Virginia Library is the only fully adaptive, student-centered learning solution built specifically for the Virginia concept-based curriculum. We've partnered with nurse educators to develop a library of readings, interactive resources and adaptive quizzing – all organized according to the Virginia curriculum’s concepts and exemplars. Our intuitive platform helps you customize the content for your courses, so you can implement the curriculum with confidence. We also have a dedicated local support team that will help Thomas Nelson Community College every step of the way. For Virginia's community colleges, CoursePoint can be a true game changer in preparing your nursing students for practice.

A Concept-Based Curriculum with Virginia Educators in Mind

Turnkey Content & Technology for Virginia Educators

Developed with an Editorial Advisory Board of nurse educators in Virginia, Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts: Virginia Library comes pre-populated with course content and multimedia activities organized by concepts and exemplars within the Virginia's Community Colleges (VCCS) curriculum framework. Plus, our library includes unique exemplars for assessment and technical skills with the related body systems, rather than as standalone concepts. Our template collections can also be easily customized by instructors according to their curriculum needs. This allows you to spend more time on teaching and giving students the attention they need, instead of having to build your curriculum from scratch.

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Personalized Training & Implementation

If you choose to partner with Lippincott for your concept-based curriculum needs, our Customer Success Manager will work closely with all the faculty at Thomas Nelson Community College to put together a unique training and onboarding schedule to ensure your department feels confident using our solution and are equipped with reliable implementation strategies. Plus, our team will help train and orient your students so everyone has a successful learning experience.

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Adaptive & Active Learning

Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts: Virginia Library, powered by PrepU, offers best-in-class adaptive quizzing so faculty can get real-time insights into student performance and students can get personalized remediation. Our intuitive, adaptive platform allows you to assess student mastery of key concepts and progression throughout your program, from the first day of class to graduation. Plus, we integrate numerous case studies, interactive tutorials, and other media assets to make the learning experience more dynamic for students.

What Makes CoursePoint Ideal for Concepts?

Adaptive Learning & Analytics for the full curriculum

Evidence-Based Content to promote critical thinking

Interactive Media & Learning Activities to bring nursing concepts to life

Annual Content Updates automatically incorporated at no additional cost

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A Team You Can Trust. Technology You Can Rely On.

John Willett
Nursing Publisher's Representative

John has been the WK rep to the VCCS for since the fall of 2005. His primary goal has always been the success of his customers, both faculty and students. With that in mind, John helps faculty choose the most appropriate and cost effective products for their students. He also helps them implement these resources in the classroom by providing timely access to instructor's materials and product training.

Terri Mynatt
Instructional Services Consultant

Terri is the Instructional Services Consultant for the Southeast Region at WK Health.  She will be supporting your local representative, John Willett, to ensure you are comfortable as you onboard and implement our CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts product.

Betsy Gentzler
Digital Product Manager

Betsy is the Digital Product Manager for Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts, responsible for determining through customer feedback what content we publish and what software features we develop. She worked with an advisory board of Virginia Community College System educators and members of the curriculum steering/writing/implementation committees to develop a solution for your state's unique curriculum. Betsy's team collected resources to cover all your concepts and exemplars, and they invite faculty to review Lippincott content for each course in your curriculum.

Bic Truong
Customer Success Manager

Meet Bic, your personal Customer Success Manager. Along with your dedicated Education Rep, Bic will guide your learning for how to effectively implement your Lippincott digital solutions. Contact Bic for your product training needs, implementation questions plus connections to other nurse educators so they can share their best practice, digital teaching strategies.