Maternity, Newborn, and Women's Health Nursing

Maternity, Newborn, & Women's Health Nursing: A Case-Based Approach
Amy Mandeville O'Meara,

Build the critical thinking capabilities essential to your success with this captivating, case-based approach.

Maternity, Newborn, and Women’s Health Nursing: A Case-Based Approach brings the realities of nursing practice to life and helps you acquire the understanding and clinical reasoning skills to ensure effective patient-centered care.

This innovative text immerses you in realistic, case-based narratives that help you experience maternity, newborn, and women’s health nursing concepts from the patient’s perspective and confidently prepare for your clinical rotations. Accompanying units leverage these patient stories to enrich your understanding of key concepts and reinforce their clinical relevance, giving you unparalleled preparation for the challenges you’ll face in your nursing career.

New features include:

  • Powerfully written case-based patient scenarios instill a clinically relevant understanding of essential concepts to prepare you for clinicals.
  • Nurse's Point of View sections in Unit 1 help you recognize the nursing considerations and challenges related to patient-based scenarios.
  • Step-by-Step Skills tutorials clarify common procedures.
  • Unfolding Patient Stories, written by the National League for Nursing, foster meaningful reflection on commonly encountered clinical scenarios.
  • Analyze the Evidence callouts present conflicting research to hone your critical thinking capabilities.
  • Patient Teaching boxes highlight important information to communicate to patients.
  • Lab Values help you recognize the significance of out-of-range values and make appropriate nursing interventions.
  • The Pharmacy features detail essential pharmaceutical information at a glance.
  • Interactive learning resources including Practice & Learn Case Studies and Watch & Learn Videos, reinforce skills and challenge you to apply what you’ve learned.
  • Learning Objectives and bolded Key Terms help you maximize your study time.
  • Think Critically questions instill the clinical reasoning and analytical skills essential to safe patient-centered practice.
  • Suggested Readings point you to further research for more information and clinical guidance.
  • NEW! Watch and Learn Videos are maternity skill videos that provide students with skill-based content and better prepares them for clinical.

Teaching to Context: a Story-Based Approach

Context is everything. Our students tell us they don’t really learn anything until they get to clinical. The different between sitting and class and working with patients is context. Context is the glue that makes learning stick. So how can we make our work in the classroom work for our students? Case studies are an excellent strategy to promote student engagement and also, more importantly, retention of information. Similar to clinical and simulation learning, the effective use of clinical case studies in the classroom provides the context that makes the content memorable.

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