Our Nursing Education Solutions

Wolters Kluwer works closely with healthcare industry partners, nursing programs and individual educators throughout the country to build world-class nursing education solutions that meet the demands of today’s healthcare field.

Backed by our 135+ years of delivering cutting-edge nursing education content and training tools, Wolters Kluwer is committed to providing the very best evidence-based content, digital courses and virtual training solutions available anywhere.


Lippincott CoursePoint and CoursePoint+

Flip the classroom by giving your nursing student access to online, interactive and multimedia content designed to accommodate today’s learners. Facilitate self-directed learning so you can ensure more of you precious classroom time goes toward in-depth exploration of new concepts rather than homework review or rehashing past lessons.

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Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts

Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts combines the power of adaptive learning with seamlessly integrated content from expert-authored textbooks, journal articles, the latest evidence‐based clinical information, and interactive resources (including animations and videos) – all organized by concepts and supporting exemplars.

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Lippincott DocuCare

Knowledge of and comfort using EHR software is a major pain point for many of today’s nursing school graduates. Expose your students to EHR practice software and quickly familiarize them with modern patient care and documentation requirements through this powerful “virtual hospital.”

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Lippincott PassPoint

This online adaptive quizzing and exam prep solution exposes students to NCLEX exam-like conditions and provides ongoing assessment of their progress as well as real-time remediation when they struggle with a concept or question. Lippincott PassPoint has been proven to push NCLEX pass rates as high as nearly 99%!

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RN to BSN Online

A full curriculum solution that builds on initial nursing preparation with coursework designed to enhance students’ professional development, prepare them for a broader scope of practice, and give them a strong understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues that affect patients and influence care delivery.

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vSim for Nursing

Online, virtual simulation software provides nursing students with essential access to practical, lifelike simulations that reproduce real-world clinical patient scenarios in a safe environment. Students learn to confidently and competently implement a range of actions, including safety measures, assessments, interventions, drug and IV management, tests and diagnostics and more.

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Lippincott's proven adaptive learning system helps students learn more and gives instructors the data they need to track students' progress. PrepU has been used with tens of thousands of students and the results have been amazing - student falling behind in NCLEX prep pass the NCLEX, and those struggling move to the head of the class!

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Lippincott Solutions for Higher Education

Trusted by thousands of hospitals across the country as a point-of-care clinical decision software suite, Lippincott Solutions offers immediate, evidence-based answers and guidance at the point of learning. Nursing students gain skills enhancement and competency with Lippincott Procedures, and have access to immediate, point-of-care answers and guidance with Lippincott Advisor.

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