Active Learning Assignments for Academic EHRs

Bring EHR Case Activities into Your Classroom

Whether you teach in a concept-based or traditional curriculum, an educational EHR can be one of the most valuable teaching tools in your nursing program. The Lippincott DocuCare team has partnered with nurse educators to develop new Active Learning Assignment Packets that provide clear and easy instructions for weaving EHR patient cases throughout the classroom, sim lab, and clinicals. Coming soon, our Active Learning Assignment Packets provide:

  • Patient Case Details
  • Concept-Based Curriculum Mapping
  • Accreditation Standards and Criteria
  • Ready-to-use activities for sim lab, classroom, and clinical
  • Scavenger hunt, SBAR, and pharmacology activities and answers

Download the sample packet below to view a portion of the Lippincott DocuCare pre-populated case of Josephine Morrow, an 80-year-old female with a long-standing history of obesity, COPD, varicose veins, and chronic venous insufficiency.


Lippincott DocuCare Active Learning Assignment Packet

Fill out the form below to preview the Active Learning Assignment Packet for Lippincott DocuCare patient Josephine Morrow.

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Please note: some of the activity details have been hidden after page 5, but will be made available to all faculty adopters of Lippincott DocuCare.

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