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Lippincott Advisor is a comprehensive resource that allows students to efficiently research disease processes and medications in both the classroom and clinical setting.  Advisor is easy to navigate, and ties in well with the Lippincott CoursePoint digital textbooks being used.”

– Nicole Rowe, MSN, RN,

Director of Allied Health, Gogebic Community College

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Real-Time Remediation

Lippincott Solutions is trusted by thousands of hospitals across the country as a point-of-care clinical decision software suite. Now, your students can access the same evidence-based reference tools they will encounter in practice via purposeful, just-in-time SmartSense remediation links, which are embedded throughout our innovative courseware—including Lippincott CoursePoint+, Lippincott DocuCare, vSim for Nursing, and others—all at no additional cost. Institutional purchase is also available.

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The Right Answers. Right Now.

Lippincott Advisor is the single source for immediate, evidence-based, online nursing clinical-decision support. It delivers 24/7 access—via mobile and desktop devices—to the latest information clinicians need at the point of care, with over 16,000 monographs and patient teaching handouts. This helps nurses and clinicians better manage their workload, facilitate delivery of care, and make care decisions. By providing a virtual library that expertly covers Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment, Care Planning, Patient Teaching, and more, Advisor helps nursing students build confidence and competency, and achieve academic excellence.

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Always Current. Always Evidence Based.

Lippincott Procedures is your web-based, go-to source for step-by-step clinical guidance to help save time and provide safer, more effective care. Lippincott Procedures has over 1,700 procedures and skills from a wide variety of nursing specialties including medical-surgical, critical care, obstetric, pediatric, neonatal, ambulatory care, pediatric intensive care, perioperative, oncology, behavioral health, and long-term care.

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“We love having Lippincott when it comes to Joint Commission and CMS visits. When CMS recently had a question about a policy of ours, we told them that ‘we use Lippincott’. They immediately replied, ‘Great, then we know it’s definitely up to date.’”

– Tara Baker, RN, BSN,

Clinical Educator, Meritus Medical Center

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Hear from experienced nursing educators using Lippincott Solutions to provide more effective care.

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