CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts: Active Learning for Nursing Concepts

A concept-based curriculum isn’t limited to the four walls of the classroom; your students need to be thinking conceptually in the skills and simulation labs, and during their clinical rotations. Students also need to take ownership of their own learning so they can become active participants in classroom discussions, case studies, and activities.

More than any other solution, Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts offers you and your students a complete set of tools to personalize learning and encourage students to think more conceptually and more critically about patient care.

The Content You Trust for the Concepts You Teach

Comprehensive: All concepts and exemplars are covered through nursing education resources including the latest, evidence-based content from journals and Lippincott Advisor for Education.

Customizable: Customizable to meet your curriculum’s specific needs, our flexible platform enables you to tailor the content you trust for the concepts you teach.

Adaptive, Measurable: Adaptive learning powered by PrepU helps each student master course concepts while giving instructors powerful data to measure students’ progress every step of the way.

Designed to Help You Succeed: A variety of resources and our Lippincott Customer Success team of educational coaches and nurse educators, with first-hand experience in concept-based learning, will provide expert guidance to help integrate Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts into your curriculum.

Full Curriculum Solution

Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts includes:

  • Navigation by concept and exemplar of eBook readings, journal articles, multimedia resources, and more that facilitates the shift to teach students to think critically and make conceptual connections.
  • Adaptive learning powered by PrepU, organized by concept, provides the most intelligent quizzing suite in nursing education that can be used in day one of your concept-based curriculum through graduation.
  • SmartSense personalized remediation links connect students with additional information on a topic at the moment they need it, for just-in-time learning.
  • Full access to Lippincott Advisor for Education: With over 8,500 entries covering the latest evidence-based content and drug information, Lippincott Advisor for Education provides students with the most up-to-date information possible, while giving them valuable experience with the same point-of-care content they will encounter in practice.
  • The platform also facilitates use of other digital solutions such as vSim for Nursing and Lippincott DocuCare for a single, connected course experience.
  • The Lippincott Customer Success team of nursing education consultants, trainers, and associates provides a complete program of service and support to help faculty transition to our concept-based solution