Access world-renowned nursing education content, powerful learning tools, time-saving instructor support, and personalized remediation all-in-one integrated digital solution.

At every different point in a curriculum, CoursePoint provides the specific tools needed to develop safe, clinically competent nurses.

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“There’s so much to learn – they [students] can’t begin to grasp all the content. …[But] CoursePoint’s given us an opportunity – everything is integrated. It’s given them confidence. It’s helped them to say ‘I can do this.’ And when it comes time to take their NCLEX, they’re better prepared.”

– Jeanne-Ann Ouellette, MSN, RN, CCRN,

Assistant Nursing Professor, University of Maine at Augusta, Bangor

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Encourages Active Learning

Lippincott CoursePoint is a rich, digital learning environment in which you can integrate content from top Wolters Kluwer textbooks with tools such as video cases, interactive modules, adaptive quizzing and journal articles. This powerful solution helps students develop higher-level cognitive skills, and makes active learning easy by providing tools like instructor guides and specific and concrete ideas for incorporating active learning strategies into the classroom. Boost student engagement and deliver leading content across all nursing disciplines in an online, on-demand, mobile-friendly format optimized for diverse learning styles and capabilities.

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Provides Useful Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive, data-driven, and designed for today, Lippincott CoursePoint makes it easier than ever to effectively engage students across your curriculum and equip them for success in nursing. You have the ability to see strengths and weaknesses of each students, instantly reinforce understanding with remediation links that connect students to the content they need at the exact moment comprehension is challenged, and adapt teaching methods as needed.

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Prepares Students for Practice

Turn classroom success into clinical excellence with simulated, real-world practice built directly into your CoursePoint tools with Coursepoint+. Integrated realistic virtual scenarios simulate the patient care experience and help students hone the critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills essential to safe, effective nursing practice. Each course area includes a variety of patient diagnoses and situations to prepare nursing students for clinical settings.

Students develop critical thinking skills, better prepare for the NCLEX exam and apply what they learn to practice and with the tools available with CoursePoint+. Grounded in educational research and developed in partnership with nursing faculty, CoursePoint+ personalizes the lessons and tools for each student and readies them to be safe, clinically competent nurses.

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Meets Students Where They Are

Every student is different. We get that. That CoursePoint meets each individual student where they are on their learning path, providing material and tools appropriate for their current level of development. Digital textbook content, adaptive learning, interactive course resources like videos and animations, and sections from the study guide are thoughtfully integrated at the moment students need them to provide content in context.

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