Lippincott is an industry leader in helping students with NCLEX® prep. Our NCLEX review materials and tools span from the most updated books and study guides that are chock full of NCLEX practice questions, to our cutting-edge adaptive learning platform, PassPoint.

Preparing for the NCLEX in a Remote Environment Using PassPoint

Be sure to check out this on-demand webinar to learn more about the exam, temporary testing parameters that are in place due to COVID-19, how the NCLEX works, study tips, and strategies intended for nursing students.

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COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 and testing site limitations, temporary NCLEX parameters are in place through Sept. 30, 2020:

  • The exam has a shortened time limit of FOUR hours
  • The minimum number of test items is 60
  • The maximum number of test items is 130
  • The difficulty level and passing standard is unchanged

Lippincott® PassPoint can mimic these test parameters to help students practice for this modified exam.

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Students have a 97.18% NCLEX-RN pass rate with Lippincott PassPoint, which allows them to study smarter with personalized adaptive practice, and simulated exams.

PassPoint offers:

  • Adaptive Quizzes to test you at the right difficulty level
  • Detailed Rationales tell you why your answers are right or wrong
  • Remediation to Evidence-Based Content helps you critically think through situations using content already in use by practicing nurses nationwide.
  • Unlimited Simulated Exams adapt just like the real NCLEX-RN – take as many exam as you want
  • Personalized Reports help you focus your study more effectively

We also offer you the chance to sign up to receive a Lippincott PassPoint Question of the Day - a free sample NCLEX question delivered straight to your inbox daily.

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